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Art Competition Winners!

Over 30 students entered the Dot Art competition and 17 students were selected internally to represent the academy. On Monday 8th May the winner from the live vote was selected; Erin Gerrard with her winning piece 'Intergalactic.' Second place went to Jack Gregson with 'Crash' and third place to Paddy Wilburn with 'Life of a student.'

Erin's work will now be displayed at St Georges Hall, Liverpool from Friday 16th June to Saturday 1st July.

'This is the first year that we have entered the Dot Art competition and it has been a huge success. It has been a great way to display our year 9 student's creative talents and it has given the students the opportunity and platform to showcase their own original pieces of artwork.' Miss R. Mullin (Art and Textiles Teacher)

'The inspiration for my coursework entry came from my love of drawing portraits and use of bright colours. The reason behind the name of my drawing 'Intergalactic' was the use of tipex acting as stars, and bright colours as galaxies. I feel very grateful and overwhelmed that my drawing is going to be exhibited in St Georges Hall, Liverpool.' Erin Gerrard (1st Place competition winner)

'Art is an important and very popular subject here at The Sutton Academy. Erin and her fellow peers have worked very hard on this project and I am delighted she has been successful. Erin is an extremely talented student and she is expected to achieve the top grade, a grade 9, when she sits her Art GCSE.

I would like to congratulate Erin and also both Jack and Paddy.' Alison Sherman - Principal

Check out the artwork on their dot art page here

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