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Sports and Physical Education

In a very busy and demanding environment, Physical Education is a popular and well liked subject on the school curriculum. Participation through all of the sports and activities covered is excellent, and the department runs a substantial programme of extra – curricular clubs, teams and activities, which are well subscribed and eagerly attended. There are 10 specialist Physical Education teachers within the department.

Our facilities on site are without doubt the best in the area. There is an eight court community sports hall, a standard sized activity hall, a MUGA, which can be used for a variety of sports, playing fields, netball courts squash courts ,a swimming pool, an athletics track and access to Sherdley Park. Students wear the new unisex Academy PE kit for lessons.

The ethos and philosophy of the department is based on active participation, having a go, enjoyment and lifelong learning. Read more...

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 have 2 X 60 minutes lessons. Students are taught in single sex groups which are setted on ability. During these lessons students experience a wide range of sports including Football, Rugby League, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Dodgeball, Track and Field Athletics, Handball, Healthy lifestyles, Rounders, Softball, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Dance, Aerobics, and Swimming including Personal Survival and Lifesaving. Students are encouraged to develop not only skills, techniques and strategies, but to develop positive work attitudes and an understanding of having a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Extra curricular activities are available to all. They are in the form of competitive or recreational activities. We try to run as many sports as possible throughout the year. Participation in these activities is encouraged for all students.

Key Stage 4

Students in Years 10 and 11 receive two compulsory lesson of PE per week. In addition the department runs two examination courses, a GCSE Physical Education, and an Extended Certificate in Sport in BTEC. Both courses are very popular and usually oversubscribed. GCSE students are formally assessed through practical work, coursework assignments and a formal examination, whilst the BTEC are assessed through the modular assignments and portfolio they have to produce, through both written tasks and practical assignments.
Examination courses will allow students to develop expertise in a range of sports familiar to them, whilst in standard PE lessons, the focus is very much on pupils selecting their own sport and developing and advancing their skills as much as they can. Students will develop social skills, observe and appreciate the works of others and also will learn to work co-operatively as part of a team and learn leadership skills.

The Sports Leadership Course (level 2), in which students could follow a course designed to give them the experience of organising and leading a basic sports session is offered to students and is a compulsory element of the BTEC course.

KS4 students are actively encouraged to help with other aspects of sport and readily assist in refereeing, coaching and organising tournaments and events. The PE Department give each student the opportunity to experience and enjoy different sporting activities that will promote the development of a wide variety of skills.

The PE department encourage safe practice when working with others and the correct handling of equipment. We expect each student to wear the correct PE kit for every lesson. As part of safe practise we ensure students remove jewellery prior to activity and also encourage students to understand the importance of hygiene, i.e. showering after activity.

Key Stage 5

Courses at KS5

We provide several options for students wanting to pursue PE and sport courses at KS5 dependant on numbers applying for each course. All A Level classes and BTEC courses in PE study nine lessons per fortnight the Diploma has 18 hours a fortnight.


This is a traditional AS level that can be combined with other AS levels across the school. There is the option to continue the AS level to A2 Level. It is 30% practical and 70% theory. AS Level: Students will study two Units. Unit 1: (Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle). Students will develop their knowledge and skills to help understand the opportunities for and effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. In Unit 2: (Analysis and evaluation of physical activity as performer, Coach and Official) students will improve their personal skills/techniques across the three roles. A2 Level: Students will study a further two units in A2. In Unit 3: (Optimising performance and evaluating contemporary issues within sport) students are enabled to further develop their understanding of key concepts, themes and texts. In Unit 4: (Philosophical Problems) students will be given the opportunity to specialise further, focusing on philosophical problems and improving techniques


This is module assessed course .Students will complete 3 units in Year 12 and a further 3 in Year 13. Students will gain a Certificate in sport after Year 12 and if they complete Year 13 a Diploma in Sport will be awarded.
BTEC Sport offers less depth than A-level PE, but a greater range of topics and more vocational style. BTEC is taught using a range of styles, including; practical work, assessed tasks, oral projects, presentations and independent research. BTEC covers modules such as; Assessing Risk, Training and fitness and Anatomy and Physiology. The units are internally assessed and externally moderated


The diploma is made up of 8 principal learning units 2 of which are assessed through an external written exam (based on anatomy & physiology & science of sport) , The other 6 are assignment based (similar to BTEC). On successful completion of the principal learning the student gains 2 x A2 equivalents. The grade of this is dependant on the points that they score overall for the 8 units. A Project, similar to a dissertation is completed in Year 13. On successful completion of the project the student gains 1/2 an A2 equivalent. The Additional Specialist Learning consists of the other Level 3 course chosen by the student. Each of the components is stand alone components which all carry the equivalent UCAS points for grades A-E as A2 Level.

Sports and Physical Education