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Religious Education

Religious Education is an exciting subject, full of variety and human interest. In this subject you will learn about people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures, exploring different ways in which people live their lives. Perhaps one of the best things about RE is learning about yourself. We analyse the different opinions that people have about modern day issues such as society, divorce and poverty. Teaching staff in the department are totally committed to delivering a stimulating and caring learning environment, where individuals are the central focus, high standards set and excellent relationships maintained.

Key Stage 3

Our year 7 learners follow a ‘Live to Learn’ program that involves exploring issues in R.E. alongside other subjects such as Geography and History.

In Year 8 learners explore many different celebrations from different religions including Easter, Diwali and Passover. A range of different resources are used to record and evaluate the importance of the celebrations both in the past and for today. They reflect on questions of faith and belief, they also consider their own beliefs in the light of their learning about the celebrations.

Learners in year 9 investigate the varied reasons for and against religious belief. Using a variety of sources they learn about, and understand, the ways in which people claim God has been revealed to them in their lives and also the experiences, such as suffering, that may turn people away from belief.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 the RE department offers both short and full course GCSE (Edexcel specification). Included in these courses are the following:
- Different ways in which Christians make moral decisions.
- Faith in practice
- Why some people believe in God and not others
- Why some people believe in life after death and not others.
- Different attitudes towards moral issues.
- Family life
- Religion and community cohesion.
- Benefits of living in a multi-faith society.

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Religious Education