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The Sutton Academy Music Department is a vibrant and thriving environment that is proud to promote musical excellence. In the classroom, students are encouraged through a great variety of musical activities to appreciate music making and to grow in confidence as performers. There are many opportunities for the students to perform, including successful rock band nights, summer concerts and the Academy choir regularly perform in the community.

Each room in the department has been designed to maximise the amount of learning that takes place.Read more...

CG01 has a recording studio fitted to it, to enable all pupils, ensembles, choirs and bands to record their work to the highest quality. 8 Apple Macintosh computers are installed with music industry standard software and the room also boasts two separate displays for work, video and audio resources.

CG02 is more of a traditional teaching room emphasis but still retaining the colour and vibrancy of the department. This room also benefits from the inclusion of an interactive white board to give pupils visual, audio and kinaesthetic resources to work with as well as a grand piano and modular furniture which enables the room to be transformed to suit many different learning activities.

CG03 is a keyboard suite featuring 11 work stations, enabling up to 22 pupils to improve their keyboard skills during lessons. This room also features an interactive white board to provide pupils with audio and visual resources to work with.

The department foyer has a bright vibrant atmosphere with the addition of two extra practice rooms. These two new practice rooms are large enough to fit bands of up to 5 or 6 people. Along with the two smaller original rooms this gives the Music Department a wide scope for extra curricular activities, performance and composition work and the amount of peripatetic provision we can provide.

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GCSE Music is AQA (4270) Click here for further details.

A Level Music Technology is Edexcel (8MT01) Click here for further details.

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