The Sutton Academy provides a diverse range of subjects, taught by dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. Use this section to find out more about our curriculum .



The mathematics faculty at The Sutton Academy provide students with a wide range of quality Mathematical education from ages 11-18, this will help students acquire the mathematical skills and understanding they need as they journey through life. We have 11 dedicated and enthusiastic full time members of staff who are there to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils in their learning of mathematics. The mathematics department have the use of interactive whiteboard to make lessons more interesting including games like rockstar. The department also uses ActivExpression hand held devices to allow better assessment of all pupils giving teachers instant feedback.

Key Stage 3

Our students are set on entry and these groupings are reviewed regularly. Our half-termly progress reports and testing allow us to track improvements. We have a personalised intervention programme that supports students who have found it difficult to reach their learning target. We follow the National Curriculum in Years 7 and 8 and with some preparation for Functional Skills based on project work in Year 7 and Year 8 and a complete scheme for Year 9. The National Curriculum is divided into 4 sections
• Using and applying Mathematics
• Number & Algebra
• Shape, Space and Measure
• Handling Data

Key Stage 4 

Our students follow the Edexcel Linear 1MAO programme with formal testing in November and June of Year 11. Throughout year 10 the pupils will be closely monitored and tracked to ensure they are following the correct programme of study. The department provides extra intervention with Super Tuesdays and Saturday school to help our students with independent study. All year 11 pupils are provided with revision guides and a workbook to help them with the course and a Mathswatch disc to aid home study. Pupils will study equations and graphs and a higher level of Area and Volume. Pupils will also complete work on Statistics which is useful in the real world.

Key Stage 5

Our students follow the Edexcel Mathematics A-Level programme of study. Our classes are small in size allowing a much more personalised provision for our learners. Pupils study two pure mathematic modules in each year and an applied module of Statistics in year 12 and Mechanics in year 13. The department also will be offering Further Mathematics.