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Welcome to Dance 

Dance is a very popular subject not only within the curriculum but after school where a substantial amount of pupils from Year 7-13 come to learn, practice and choreograph dances. Throughout the Key Stages pupils learn a wide range of dance styles and develop not only their performance skills but also learn how to create and appreciate dance. We display all of the Students' hard work and enthusiasm during the Annual Dance show which is over 3 nights. Recently we have had a brand new Dance Studio built which includes ballet barres, surround sound and a sprung floor.


Key Stage 3:

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 experience a wide range of dance styles such as Bollywood, Street Dance, Rock and Roll, Lindy Hop and Physical Theatre. Students are encouraged not only to develop their physical and analytical skills but also to express themselves within a safe working environment.; Extra-curricular activities are encouraged and available to all students.

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Dance is 80% practical and 20% theory.
Students are practically assessed within 4 units; Set Dance, Performance Piece, Solo Composition and Solo/Duo or Group Choreography. Throughout these units Students will demonstrate their physical competence and effectiveness as performers, their increasing capabilities as a choreographer and their ability to appreciate dance.
For the written paper Students will answer questions based on two professional works, the performance piece and their own choreography. Students will learn how to;
- Describe, analyse, interpret and evaluate features of dance using appropriate terminology.
- Compare and contrast different choreographers, dance works, styles and cultural influences.
- Understand the relationship between choreography, performance and production including aural and physical settings, costume and dance for camera.
- Understand the physical, aesthetic and artistic contexts of dance.

Key Stage 5:

At AS Level Students will study 2 units. Unit 1 - Understanding Dance, Students develop knowledge of the demands made in practice and performance on the dancer, the process and craft of choreography and how to analyse professional works in great detail. Unit 2 - Choreography and Performance, this unit allows the Students to experience how to create a solo choreography and how to develop and refine their performance skills.

At A2 Level Students will study a further 2 units. Unit 3 - Dance Appreciation: Content and Context, this unit requires the Students to demonstrate an understanding of the development of dance through critical appreciation of practitioners and their works. Unit 4 - Group Choreography and Solo Performance, this unit allows the students to experience how to create a group choreography and how to develop their solo performance skills in relation to a specific practitioner.
Alongside the A Level we also offer the Dance Leaders Award. A Level students will be expected to teach a dance within a Primary or Secondary dance club where the students involved will perform this in our Annual Dance Show.

Dance Clubs

Monday - Years 9 & 10

Tuesday - Year 7

Wednesday - GCSE & A-Level

Thursday - Year 8

All clubs run from 2.45 - 3.45pm in the Dance Studio.

Further information:

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