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Learning is through Literacy
At The Sutton Academy, we believe that good literacy skills are essential for our students to reach their potential in school and to create greater opportunities throughout their lives. All our teachers view themselves as teachers of reading, writing, speaking and listening, regardless of their subject specialism. Our aim is to develop students' abilities to use language to think, explore, organise thoughts and communicate meaning effectively.

What do we mean by ‘Literacy’?
We use the term Literacy to describe the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. These are the four communication skills we all use in our everyday lives and are the key to good exam grades in every subject area.

The Challenges
Literacy in the UK
• One in six people in the UK struggle with language skills. This means their literacy is below the level expected of an eleven year old.
• Men and women with poor literacy are least likely to be in full-time employment at the age of thirty.
• People are literally ‘imprisoned’ by this issue. 80% of prisoners have writing skills at or below the level expected of an 11-year-old child; the equivalent figure for reading is 50% (Social Exclusion Unit, 2002:6).

Attitudes towards reading and writing
• Only 22% of young people aged eight to sixteen say they enjoy reading very much.
• 10% of young people say they do not enjoy reading at all.
• 92% of the British public say language skills are vital to the economy, and essential for getting a good job.
• However, only a quarter of children and young people do not recognise a link between reading and success.
• There is a consistent gender difference in attitudes towards writing. Boys do not enjoy writing as much as girls (38% Boys vs.52% Girls).
• Technology based materials are the most frequently read, with nearly two-thirds of children and young people reading websites every week, and half of children and young people reading emails and blogs/ networking websites.

What can you do as parents?

We would ask that you support us in helping your child to develop good literacy skills. This website will help you with practical ideas to support your child with reading and writing skills.