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Year 11 enjoy some stress relief


On Wednesday 21 September, students in Year 11 were invited to join in a Stress Management class in the dance studio.
This new initiative is to educate students about stress, not just about how to help them recognise the signs, but also to help them understand how to relax and unwind in a constructive way that will have a positive impact on their overall well-being. Hopefully, these skills will stay with them throughout their lives and remain useful as they mature and advance through the education system.

This programme of stress relieving activities will evolve and develop through the year. The first session produced considerable positive feedback. This term’s work is based upon relaxation through physical movement. An external agency has been brought in and is running sessions at lunchtimes for students to drop in and experience the activities for themselves. The number of sessions could be increased according to demand and when times are more stressful, eg during exam seasons.

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