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Meet the Governing Body - Part 6


Governor Interviews – Mr Rob Molloy

Mr Molloy is Deputy Principal for Finance at St Helens College and is a Trust Member and Sponsor Governor at The Sutton Academy.

Originally from Ormskirk Mr Molloy really enjoyed history and economics when he was at school. He loves visiting the academy so that he can work with staff and students to find out how the academy operates. Mr Molloy feels that everyone is very committed to the academy and that we are all working together so that we keep on improving in the future. Mr Molloy always encourages our students to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way – he recommends that students listen to the advice given by staff and then act on it!

A big football fan Mr Molloy runs a children’s football team and supports Everton Football Club. He also plays football and would love to be able to run faster to be a better player!

Meet the Governing Body - Part 6

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