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Meet the Governing Body - Part 4


Governor Interviews – Mr Brian Dean

Mr Brian Dean is the Deputy Principal at St Helens College and is a Trust Member and Sponsor Governor at The Sutton Academy.

Brian is from Billinge and attended Up Holland High School, where he enjoyed being a member of different sports clubs. His favourite lessons were Chemistry, Physics and History.  Brian works closely with staff and students to help the academy improve in all areas, but is keen to see the Academy continue to improve English and maths. He wants students to achieve their full potential and likes to see students making good progress in all subjects.

Strengths of the academy are it is very inclusive, with good resources and committed staff. Brian is very keen for all students to attend regularly, to do their very best and enjoy their time at the Academy.

Outside of education Brian enjoys watching motor racing (Formula 1 and Rally Cross). He also has a keen interest in music and even has
a recording studio at home! If Brian was a Super Hero he would have x-ray eyes so that he could look for medical problems in people and help make them better.

Meet the Governing Body - Part 4

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