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Inter-Language Challenge


To encourage pupils to make good use of our subscription to, the languages department launched an inter-language challenge to pupils in Y9-11. For one week, pupils worked hard to earn points for learning new vocabulary in French, German and Spanish.

Normally, points are just displayed on a class scoreboard, this time the scoreboard displayed the top ten across all three languages. The results were also posted on screens around the academy at the end of each day.

The biggest battle for top place was in Year 9. Tyler Turner was determined to beat all comers and he did win in the end, but Kersha Mansfield certainly didn't let him have it all his own way as she was the leader at the end of day two. Tyler's score of 8,790 points was unbeaten across all three year groups.

In Y10, the battle was between six different pupils: Leonie Hanlon, Bethany Crilly, Phil Redcliffe, Matthew Lynch, Jade Swift and Georgia Edwards. Leonie took an early lead, but Phil didn't rest until he gained enough points to ensure he reached first place.

Sophie Dingsdale was winning in Y11 at the end of day two, she was closely followed by Charlotte Hawley and Ryan Hutchinson. Alisha Higgins made a last minute dash to reach third place, but the eventual winner was Ryan with 4,375 points.

In total, 485 vivos were awarded to the pupils who placed in the top ten in each of the three year groups with first place winners earning 50 vivos each.

Congratulations to all pupils who took part in the competition. Keep your eyes open for the next challenge! - Mrs Lloyd

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