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Aspire to Be.......


Aspire to be a Success in Sport

On Friday 6th May, Connor Sheen who is a professional Sports player specialising in Squash, came in to chat to the students about his experience of getting into the profession and the challenges that he had to face.

Connor often competes in various championships across the world including Australia, America and the Ukraine. The students who attended the session all felt inspired and it gave them more of an insight into what it would be like and motivation to keep going In the particular sport that they have a passion for.

We will be running weekly Squash sessions on Tuesdays after school led by Connor and his coach, John, so If you are interested contact Miss Mason in the music block.

Aspire to be an Actor

On Monday 9th May, Esther Dix came to visit the academy and talk to the students about being an actress. Esther studied acting at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. She has been involved in many shows around the UK and has recently directed a play at the Liverpool Everyman raising awareness of the refugee crisis.

Esther shared with us the reality of being an actress such as auditions, getting an agent, networking etc. The students engaged well with the session and asked a number of questions.

We have recently been running intensive acting workshops for students who want to go into this as a career, the students have found this very useful, especially when they audition to theatre schools in the future.

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