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Changes to Academy Day

As like the process last year to help facilitate Summer Examinations :-

When we return to the academy after the Easter Holidays on Tuesday 18th April, the academy day will change with Period 4 and Lunch being swapped.

The Academy Day will be structured as follows......

RTL: 8.30 - 8.50

P1: 8.50 - 9.50

P2: 9.50 - 10.50

Break: 10.50 - 11.05 (11.02 Movement Bell)

P3: 11.05 - 12.05

Lunch: 12.05 - 12.40 (12.35 Movement Bell)

P4: 12.40 - 1.40

P5: 1.40 - 2.40

NB: This arrangement will run until the end of term in July.